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Innovation & Impact through Business Design

The Business Design Lab (BD.Lab) is a research, education and design initiative powered by Aalborg University Business School.
We seek to investigate and creatively intervene the interface between business, technology, science and societal needs, with a focus on innovation catalysed by business design.


The BD.Lab is a cross-disciplinary, multi-method team, comprising expertise in subjects such as strategy, corporate entrepreneurship, business creativity or innovation management. The BD.Lab builds on expertise areas such as these to advance knowledge and practice in business design. Our research focuses on the three mains areas comprising business design: 1) the methods, or  processes, for design (for example, Design Thinking, Action Learning) , 2) the tools and knowledge that support design and 3) the knowledge and the theories that would allow designers understanding the context in which design occurs.

Selected Projects


Lorenzo Profil

Lorenzo Massa

PhD, Head & Professor

Morten 1

Morten Lund

PhD, Associate Professor


Kristina Maria Madsen

PhD, Assistant Professor

Christian Nielsen Profile

Christian Nielsen

PhD, Professor

Peter profile

Peter Thomsen

PhD, Post Doc


Jesper C. Sort

PhD, Associate Professor


Kenneth Lundholm-Stenkjær

Senior advisor


How to Collaborate

Collaboration with BD.Lab gives you access to leading researchers in the field of business design, creativity, technology and innovation management as well as strategy. We seek to collaborate with businesses that are willing to innovate by going beyond known dominant ideas, challenge their background implicit assumptions, ask not-yet asked questions and develop unconventional reformulation of traditional industry questions which have become hackneyed or tired.   We always seek to collaboration, in various forms, with thought leaders, outstanding researchers and thinkers interested in strategy, innovation and business design.  

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