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The Business Design Lab

Innovation & Impact through Business Design

The BD.Lab is a research, education and design initiative at Aalborg University Business School.

It was founded in 2011 with the aim of advancing methods of practice and theories on business model design. Since then it has extended its area of focus to comprise business design more broadly.

The lab seeks to investigate and creatively intervene the interface between business, technology, science and societal needs, with a focus on innovation catalized by business design.

Business Design

As with many emerging topics, there is no agreed definition of business design.

We choose to understand business design broadly as the creative activity of designing business architectures, or parts of it, to solve business problems as well as human problems, at a profit.

At BD.Lab, business design refers to action led by business. Its main criteria of validity is the final result, an application-in-context of knowledge and theory to identify ‘what works’.

As a theory informed action, business design comprises three main parts: 1) the methods, or processes, for design (e.g., Design Thinking, Action Learning), 2) the tools and knowledge that support design and 3) the knowledge and the theories that would allow designers understanding the context in which design occurs.

The BD.Lab conducts research and education in each of the three areas.

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