Nurturing organisational skills to become like second nature


Creativity is an increasingly essential capability to be cultivated, developed and unlocked. Most companies pursue standard creative techniques and process method to make temporary enhancements of creativity during meetings and workshops. However, some companies take a more strategic position for developing creative team skills to become like second nature. The challenge is to make it stick and become an innate capability in the organisation. How could it be possible to develop and sustain the creative potential of entire teams and make creativity an organisational level capability?


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Based on in-depth analysis of contemporary research in creativity, it’s determinants as well as the mechanisms and conditions enhancing creativity in teams and organisations; it was possible to develop a systematic approach for the continuous development of creative skills through creativity training. The training was designed as an intervention focused on advancing the creative skills related to cognitive flexibility and cognitive stimulation. In the first period, the employees and management perform creative exercises every morning for six weeks. In the second period, they practise once a week for four months, and in the third period, they practise every morning for six weeks again.


Contemporary research shows that continuous exercising of creativity in education leads to significant increases in creative competencies from only a few hours of training. Using facilitated interventions of creativity exercises is a novel and unique approach for developing creativity as an organisational level capability. The project is currently ongoing and will hopefully provide more in-depth insight into how such training affects organisational culture and organisational creative performance.

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