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Assessing Corporate Entrepreneurial Competencies


Innovation is paramount to stay competitive; yet, only 6% of CEOs are satisfied with their overall innovation process. As 80% of the variation in success is related to having the right people in the team, organisations will need to identify and support the right people. These are the corporate entrepreneurial individuals, who have the abilities to drive innovation to successful results. How could it be possible to develop a sophisticated assessment tool to help managers identify people with potential to be successful corporate entrepreneurs?


Qebula – Forming corporate entrepreneurs.


Based on rigorous scientific procedures, a comprehensive literature review and extensive analysis of the most critical corporate entrepreneurial competencies, skills and mindsets, we identified 19 corporate entrepreneurial characteristics. With inspiration from a parallel field, creativity, where production-based tests have been quite advanced for more than 30 years, numerous corporate entrepreneurial-tasks were developed, reviewed, and tested together with experts and practitioners.


The developed simulation tool can help to spot corporate entrepreneurial potential among individuals – both within current and prospective employees. It consists of ten open-ended corporate entrepreneurial tasks. The duration of the test is 60-90 minutes in total. Responses are evaluated using an accompanying guide, providing organisations with an overview of the individual corporate entrepreneurial strengths as well as a summary report with recommendations for organisational support and development of the individual to increase the chances for innovative success. Results show that production-based tasks can indeed evaluate several of the corporate entrepreneurial characteristics in an alternative, more in-depth way; however, the duration of the test and the evaluation process was a challenging factor for corporations.

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